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Giftnet.com.au Blog provides you with a voice that you can use to reach an audience all over the world, and our powerful positioning in Search Engines ensures that people will find your posts first.

We provide paid guest pieces on our site at prices that are considered fair by the industry. Your online reputation as a thought leader may be increased by contributing articles, and your global reach will also rise. Therefore, you should begin writing for us so that we may include your content in our technology blog.

Which Types Of Categories Are Allowed?

  • Home improvements
  • Businesses
  • Finance
  • Automobiles
  • Lifestyle 
  • Technology
  • Families and parenting 
  • Travel 
  • Entertainment

To qualify as a guest post, your contribution must be at least 500 words long and you must ensure that it does not violate any of our copyright policies. Articles must be the author’s original work and should not have been previously published anywhere else.

  • Ensure that the Title is Appealing in its Own Right.
  • Make every effort to include at least two or three reference links to other blog sites where further information can be found.
  • You are required to supply an original featured image of HD quality. It is also possible to include more photos if required for the content body.
  • You are allowed to include up to two links to your website or blog inside the content.

What Is It That We Will Not Accept?

  • Subjects that have already been discussed on our blog in the past. Before submitting your content, we ask that you first look through our website.
  • Subject matter that is either unimportant or uninformative.

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