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5 Pieces of Advice Every New Driver Needs to Hear - TFOT

It is not an easy task to learn to drive. You will need to find a qualified driving instructor. Driving lessons Canberra with a professional instructor will make you a safer and more confident driver.

Hydration is key

A bottle of water is an essential item to have with you when you travel long distances. A bottle of water is a great way to quench your thirst and keep you hydrated while driving.

It should be common sense. However, aside from a dry mouth, a headache, and the risk of forgetting to drink water before a long trip, it can also have dangerous consequences.

Research shows that driving while dehydrated can have the same effect as drinking a few glasses of wine on driving abilities. It leaves motorists feeling tired, dizzy and slow to react.

Stunting pedestrians

You’ll be able to appreciate how irritating it can be to get your skin soaked by a car passing you while you speed through puddles.

You can now take solace in the fact that motorists who drench people on the pavement can be prosecuted.

Driving “without reasonable consideration of other persons” is considered to be pedestrian splashing. Offenders will likely fixed penalty notice, and three points if caught by police.

How to navigate box junctions

Traffic flow is maintained by yellow hatched box junctions. Anyone found breaking the rules of box junctions will be subject to a fine.

Highway Code says that you are not permitted to stop at a box junction unless turning right and waiting for traffic to pass. This means that you should not enter the box unless it is clear. You could face a fine if you do.

It is not a good idea trying to guess if the vehicle ahead will have enough room for you to pass the junction completely. This is especially because you cannot always see far enough ahead to be certain.

It is a good idea to not move off if you can’t see enough road on the other side for your vehicle.

Loud music

While it might seem like a good idea to listen to your favorite ABBA songs at blaring volumes may sound great at the time, it can also be unsafe if it prevents road users from hearing emergency vehicles or cars approaching.

You could be charged with driving while distracted by music if a police officer finds you do.

It is not a good idea to wear headphones. While wearing headphones behind the wheel is not illegal, they can block you from hearing other road users, pedestrians, and emergency vehicle sirens.

The middle lane is for hogging

Although it may seem like an annoying driving behavior, drivers who hog the middle lane of the motorway are actually breaking the Highway Code. This makes it difficult to overtake and can lead to cars being funnelled into the outside (lane 3) for passage.

How to get around other cars in busy streets

We have all been there. It’s a busy road, with many cars parked on either side. A car coming towards you is also in front of you. This forces you to evaluate where you can safely pull in since neither one of you has the right of way.

There is no rule and best practice. It all depends on the road and the location of the passing places. If you are driving up a steep gradient, the right-of-way should always be given to the motorist going uphill. It is more difficult to get away from an incline safely.

Boiling water on your windscreen

On a cold winter morning, it might be tempting to boil some water and fill up the kettle. But don’t think about it.

Extreme temperature changes (from freezing to boiling), can cause cracks or shattering of the windscreen. This will make your vehicle unsafe to drive and leave you with a large bill to replace it.

Allowing other cars to pass you in traffic

It doesn’t matter if you allow another motorist to enter traffic flow, there is no law. It’s just politeness.

While some drivers are aggressive in preventing motorists from pulling out in front, it doesn’t affect your journey. The whole road network will be much more efficient if everyone lets their car in at busy intersections.

Like many other tips, following these best practices will reduce road rage. This will in turn make the roads safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

Winter use of the air-con

Air-con can be a lifesaver on hot summer days, but it can also be very useful in the winter.

Condensation can form on cold days. However, if you turn on your A/C, it will act as a dehumidifier to quickly clear your windows.

It can be beneficial for your air conditioner, since it keeps the oil moving and the essential components of the air conditioner well-lubricated.

These tips may seem familiar to you, but if they aren’t then congratulations! You are a skilled driver and have a lot of common sense. Your driving instructor was an inspiration.

If you have any additional driving tips that you wish your instructor had given you, please leave a comment.